Bull Sales

Registered Angus & Simmental Bulls

Here on the ranch we breed purebred angus, purebred simmental and sim-angus crosses. Each year we spend a lot time researching bloodlines in hopes of bringing you bulls that will give your herd that competitive edge you are looking for. We artificially inseminate our herd but we also buy top quality back up bulls to spend the rest of the breeding season with them while they are out in pasture.

2018 Sale Bulls

“SC EXPLOSIVE 1717”                            100% Angus


(SOLD) “SC ELECTION 1715”                                    75% Simmental 25% Angus


(SOLD) “SC ENLIST 1721”                              50% S immental 50% Angus





2017 Sale Bulls 

SOLD “SC Bizmarck 1629” Purebred Angus Bull



SOLD “SC Bismarck 1622” Purebred Angus Bull



SOLD “SC Danger 1606” 3/4 Simmental 1/4 Angus Cross




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