Bringing Home Bulls


Summer has flown by and the sun is starting to set earlier and earlier. Harvest season is in full swing and the ranch is busier than ever! Besides hauling hay and straw we are gearing up the equipment for corn and beans.

It would seem that the cow front is pretty quiet at this point of the year, and for the most part it is, but there are still several things to do to get ready for winter.


Besides getting feed and shelters ready there will be lots of sorting and paddock changes going on. Today we went out and rounded up the bulls. It was time for Bosco, Tenspeed and Foundation Seed to come back to the home farm. Chico will remain out in his pasture with some of the fall herd. It always starts to feel like autumn is here when those bulls come back bellering and start fighting.

Unfortunately for the bulls, they didn’t get much action around here. We use them here for clean up. They are all good quality bulls that we buy from other high quality ranchers, but we AI everything here in the ranch so each bull might only get to breed 10 cows a piece. Perhaps that’s why they come home so nicely.

We are lucky because we have some of the calmest and easiest bulls to work with. People sometimes don’t realize what a difference a nice docile animal makes. When you have cattle running all over the country and lots of work to get done, you want to be able to capitalize on your time. Chasing an angry bull all over is not time efficient. These Bulls are so nice, all you need is a bucket of feed and a few gates.





We bring the gates down to which ever pasture they are in with the tractor, set up a quick corral and call him over. The bull will see that feed and walk right over (usually with a few cows in tow). Once you have him in, we quickly sort out the cows and close the corral. Then we bring a trailer over, open the gate and they usually walk right in. Bulls are very curious animals and are used to being trailered around more than cows. Still, we are shocked at how easy this years line up have made things. They really are all stars!





Bosco is a big 3+ year old and the ruler of the paddock. The other two bulls are 1+ year olds so when they came home they fought a bit, head butting and pushing each other around in the dirt. They didn’t fight for long… usually bulls fight longer and I thought I would have a longer opportunity for pictures but I missed it. Oh well, Foundation and Ten Speed are very cute together. They are not related but they are like brothers.

As time ticks by, it is nice to have one more thing checked off the fall check list. I am happy to have it done but sad too as soon it will be freezing outside. It is always nice once the snow starts to fly to have all the cows much closer to home where we can keep a better eye on them. Bringing home the bulls was easy! The Ladies will be a much bigger job… but it’s always fun to be cowboys so we are looking forward to it!




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