Falling off the Rails

Straw Haul



Here at the ranch straw bales are an essential part of our winter. We use them to help bed the barn and the paddocks where the cows spend the season. Without them our herd would be very wet, very cold and very dirty. We also use them to extend tree rows to make larger wind breaks. This year we will also be putting them in front of our house to help keep the wind down as the trees grow.


Yesterday and today we have been hauling trailer after trailer of straw bales. We have hundreds of them all over the countryside that need to come back home, not to mention the hundreds of hay bales as well.


Jason and I have been driving in circles pulling loads home, loading and unloading. For the most part this process is simple and smooth… but sometimes things fall off the rails.

If It’s Round, It May Roll….


Today was one of those times. I was driving our 3/4 ton pulling the 5th wheel full of bales. Jason was in front of me pulling two hay trailers full of straw behind the loader tractor. Suddenly I looked up and saw the bales start to roll! I grabbed my phone and called J.

me: “J! The bales are falling off the trailer!”

J: “Damn it, huh… how many fell off?”

(He doesn’t stop and keeps driving!)

me: “J! STOP!”

J: “Well yell at me why don’t you!”

me: “You are dragging them! They fell off and are stuck between your two trailers!”

J: click


He stopped the tractor, got out and started kicking a swearing. The thing was, J thought they were just rolling off the back trailer and was going to keep going. Unfortunately they fell off the front trailer and started dragging in between the trailers getting ripped apart. J is the calmest man in the whole world, but when it comes to “things” breaking or going wrong he has been known to throw a fit or two. I got out laughing.

“Why? Why? Why are you laughing?!” he said.

I couldn’t help it. He looked so rediculous huffing and puffing out there kicking straw everywhere. He took a deep breath, looked at me and then started laughing too.

“You know why this happened right?” he said.

“My bales are just toooo perfect! They roll right off! Hahaha!”

“Ah, yeah, that’s it.” I said. 🤣 “Or… maybe your driving sucks.”

Once we were able to see the situation through comedic eyes we figured that we could put the bales back up and keep going. So we did. Over the day the warm clean straw made it home and the wind breaks went up. Everything is good. Cows will be warm this winter and so will we!!

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