Filthy Dogs and Dog Baths 🛁

City Clean, Farm Dirty.


Sometimes when I’m on the farm I forget that I’m on the farm. As someone who has enjoyed the company of dogs my whole life, I prefer when my dogs are around me… and that includes in the house. Jason thought I was nuts the first time I told him that if we were ever going to make it, the dogs would be sleeping inside. He had never had a dog in the house and couldn’t understand why any dog who weighs 80+, 90+ and 110+ lbs would ever live indoors. Well I always get my way… that is until they start to stink. Now I like to think I can handle a little stink… for goodness sakes I live on a cattle ranch, but I don’t handle “stink” inside the house very well and neither does Jason!

IMG_1860As you know we have 3+1 dogs. Boss has been with me for almost 13 years and has slept next to my bed for all them. Clyde would rather sleep all day then ever leave the house. (Never have I met a dog who could hold it that long!) Sadie is always filthy and would never come in the house unless its freezing outside, and we are talking cooooold!  Sherman wants it both ways. He wants to run free in the mud, roll in dead animal carcass and then come sleep inside on the couch! 🤦‍♂️

IMG_1877In the cities I gave my dogs a bath every 2-4 weeks, unless I was hunting… then it was like every day. Not only did I wash their fur, but I cleaned their ears, trim their nails and of course brushed their teeth everyday. Winter is my favorite season for dog baths. They don’t really leave the house much so they never get dirty and they rarely stink. Plus they barely shed at all which decreases the need for brushing. They simply sleep all day, except for the hour or two when we take our daily walks through the snow.

Farm Life.

Farm life is different. Plain and simple. These dogs have freedom that no city dog could ever imagine. They wake up and are out the door at dawn with J. I take them on a morning walk around 8:30-9, and then they eat a big breakfast.


IMG_1862After they eat it’s time a for a siesta in the sun or the shade depending on the temp. All this seems great, a dream life really. It’s a life I certainly would enjoy, and I am happy, so very happy most of the time that they get to…. that is until they stink.


Causes of STinK🤢

IMG_1869Where do I even begin. Well, we live on a gravel road with fields of dirt everywhere…. I can’t keep my windows open because the house fills with dust so you can just about imagine how dusty those dogs get on a dry day.

IMG_1863Then there are the days when it rains… I bet you are think I can’t stand the muddy paws… Well that drives me nuts too but I’m thinking more about the ditches and full bodies covered in mud, not just paws. This year has been dry and the only good part of a dry summer is that it keeps the ditches dry. When ditches are dry the dogs stay out of the ditch water simply because there is none. Ditch water can be the grossest smelling stink, almost like a duck slough. If the water is high, it’s not so bad because it’s usually flowing and cleaner. When he ditch has low it’s usually because it’s hot outside. The water in the ditch is more like mud… and where do you think those dogs wants to lay when it hot? 😫 In the mud.


The most obvious ranch stink is clearly cow pies. They are everywhere in the pasture which is just on the other side of the trees. There is a fence,💥 it’s electric. Sadie, Boss and Clyde have learned their lessons on that fence and have always stayed away… that is until Sherman who knows nothing because he is a puppy started crossing it when he was small. He is bigger now, and has gotten a few shocks since then, but he is a persistent pup and always seems to find the higher wire. Also he has somehow taught the other dogs that if you make yourself small enough you can get under the wire. So now, unfortunately, the dogs have figured out how to maneuver under it. They belly crawl like they are in the marines. Once they are out with cows it’s time to eat pie! I almost puke cleaning off their faces, especially Boss’s with his white face covered in greenish brown poo. 🤢

All of these things are gross, but the worst, by far, is the animals the dogs bring home… and I’m not talking the live ones. Boss and Clyde have turned in their city slicking ways for the country scavenging life style. They bring home every thing that has died in a 3 mile radius, and boy is it gross. Dead deer, coyotes, cats, rabbits, hawks, you name it. If it lives out here and dies out here it will probably end up in my front yard.

Sadie and Sherman scavenge too, but I think it’s the kill that keeps them entertained. Everyday I find birds, mice, rats, shrews, and even gophers laying in the front yard. No need for a barn cat around here.

Sherman and Clyde have found quite the partnership… Clyde uses his nose to follow them underground, and Sherman kills them when they pop up. J is pretty proud of this, as he hates gophers in his pastures and hay fields.

Spring and fall seem to be the worst times of the year for the dead animals. All these dogs gain so much weight because they are basically getting multiple meals. I’m pretty sure Clyde’s weight fluctuates around 30-40lbs throughout the year. 🙄

Suds. 🛁

Spring through fall I spray those dogs off daily and give a good soap bath at least once a week. Not the easiest chore on your back when there are 3 of them. (I don’t think Sadie has ever been washed in her life.) Boss and Clyde still stand proud for their baths just like they used to in the city. Most of the time we have to tie Sherman to a tree and everytime he darn near strangles himself trying to get away.


Cheapest and best products to use for cleaning pups!
Jason reluctantly bathing the pups... I had to get it on film!

In the end I always end up losing the indoor dog battle. Whether it be having to give out dog baths, or leave them to sleep in the garage, Jason goes to bed with a smirk.

Sadie and Sherman both hide when they know it's bath time.


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