Chasing the Gas Gauge

Gas, Who Has The Time!?


I cannot quite figure out why I still have such a hard time managing my gas tank since I moved to the country. When I lived in the city and my car got low on gas, I simply ran up to the gas station that was a mile or two away and filled up. I never had my gas get below a 1/4 of a tank… well rarely, and I was oddly proud of that.

Now that I live in the country it’s like I’m a complete moron. I never look at the gas gauge, and I rarely remember to get gas when I’m in town before I head back to the farm. I usually end up heading to town, just to get gas, which drives J up the wall because it’s about a half an hour in all directions. We have talked about getting a big gas tank for the farm and putting it next to the diesel tanks (just for me! jk… 😬) but we have just never gotten around to it I guess.

Yesterday Jason and I ran to Theif River Falls to grab some farm stuff. We took my truck, but Jason drove which is very unusual. On the way there I thought to myself: “we have to get gas, we have to get gas.” Oh man, I was so on track for remembering this time too! I was still telling myself “we have to get gas” at the third store… but by the fifth my mind had officially wondered. πŸ™„ Ugh why!

Well, we ended up leaving Thief River with everything we needed except the ⛽️ gas. (Can I just point out once more that J was driving… I mean he didn’t notice either!)

This morning I got up, did a bunch or chores, took the dogs for their morning walk, and made a long list of things I needed to get in Grand Forks… (all things I couldn’t do or get in Theif yesterday… which I find so annoying!) After that I decided to surprise Jason with lunch out in the straw field.

Jason has about had it with hay and straw harvest this year. We have hundreds of bales laying all over the countryside that need to be pickedup and a bale spear that needs to be fixed. In the mean time he has been finishing those last few rounds of straw that need to be baled… and yesterday the baler started acting up. Just what we need…. a crabby J-buck.

I headed out go find him and as I was driving down the road it started to rain🌧… not just a sprinkle… like rain! Oh boy, this rain might just be what pushes him over the edge. When I got out to the quarter I thought he was on, I drove out into the field and didn’t see him anywhere… so I kept driving… and driving and driving. I could see his truck, but no tractor and no baler. I drove and drove, over hills and around tree groves. Nope, no J. It was raining hard enough that I thought maybe I just missed him somewhere being that could barely see through my windshield. Ugh, still no J. Then my phone rang.

It was J…

“What are you doing?” He said.

“Trying to find you.” I said.

“Why?” He said.

😳”…. ah, because I’m bringing you lunch!” 😁 I said.

“Oh, you are already back from Grand Forks?” He said.

“Well no, I haven’t gone yet.” I said.


“No, not yet” 😳

“Brooke! What are you doing driving around out here all over the countryside? You have ZERO gas! And I put the last gallon from the garage in your tank hoping you could make it to town!!” He yelled!

😳 “Ooooops!Β πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ, I totally forgot about the gas!”

Well to say that he was mad wouldn’t be true at all. Frustrated maybe, but he never gets mad at me… more like he looks at me and thinks “Ugh”.

I drove over to where he was hiding behind some trees. He got in my pickup and shut the key off and started to eat his lunch. The pickup was plugged again on the baler and it was absolutely pouring now. We had a little laugh and then he told me I better drive straight to town.


So that’s what I did. My dash display said I barely had enough miles left on the tank. But somehow, fingers and toes crossed I made it to town! I pulled into the gas station proudly with ease. I filled up full to the brim, and the little tank too. Gas is so annoying!



So far I have never officially run out of gas… but I guess if I just keep pushing it it’s bound to happen. I have no idea what’s wrong with me! I used to be annoyed by people in the city who drove their tanks empty and now here I am doing that exact same thing, only in a far worse place to do it! Hopefully I can get this right before I get stranded in the winter or before Jason loses his mind! What a day.





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