No tractor AC!


Jason was outside this morning bailing hay and straw when he called me and said he needed my help. I had already taken the dogs out on our morning treck and by the time we got home it was really getting hot. I was getting some things done around the house when he called. I asked J what was wrong and he said the AC blower in the tractor went out! šŸ˜²



Today is in the high 80’s and there is no breeze. Not the day you want to sit in a hot tractor without air.


Well as it turned out, that was exactly what he needed me to do! šŸ˜© I went out and worked from the inside of the tractor as he worked from the outside taking things apart. Holy, it was hot in there! I had to have the door shut for quite a while because of what we were doing. I was melting in no time. I didn’t complain, though I kind of wanted too. Sometimes I just want to prove to myself that I’mĀ not just a city girl and can hang with J, even if I have to be this greasy and sweaty.



We got it apart, accessed the problem and headed to the store. We needed supplies which is frustrating. When we don’t have what we need we have to head to the store which is 20-30+ minute drive depending on which store it is.

Once we got the parts, back to the hot field we went! Yuck, it’s so hot… I didn’t want to get out of the truck!


We got everything back together in no time and back to work he went.


As we were cleaning up we noticed our commercial cows heading for water.


I asked Jason if they had enough, and he thought we better go fill them up again. While he went to go grab them a CRP bale I headed to open the fence and turn on the water.

The cows started running with excitement as they saw me pulling up! They are so cute!




I filled up all three tanks while Jason dropped them a bale. Hopping, jumping and playing they unrolled the bale all by themselves. It’s so cute how they have such excitement. The fliesĀ have been nasty down in this pasture for the last few hot days, but I think the new bales made themĀ forget about thoseĀ flies for a few minutes.


I’m thankful that We were able to fix the air relatively quick. I wouldn’t want Jason to have to go round and round in this heat.Ā Now that we are finished I’m heading back to the nice cool air! J’s in the AC, why shouldn’t I be!?




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