Date Night Delish!


J-Buck’s T-Bones.

So last night I was so excited when Jason said he was going to cook steaks for an impromptu date night. Things around here have been crazy busy with harvest and the house so when J said he wanted to cook, well I’m pretty sure I did a cart wheel!

Of course when J cooks it means the grill will be involved. Recently we got back some amazing beef from the locker, and as I was putting it in the freezer I was shocked at the size of the steaks! He said he wanted T-bones, they were huge! I always take them out of the freezer the night before and throw them in the fridge. I suggested we share one, but he insisted he wanted a whole one to himself! So two it was. 😳

J’s t-bone grillin!

IMG_1659He doesn’t like to do too much to them. “A good steak is a good steak!” he says. Most of the time you need to just leave them alone. And I believe him, he doesn’t just cook them, he grows them and they are delicious!

I will say t-bones have never been my favorite cut, but the way he makes them is unbelievably good. These t-bones are cut at 1.5″ thick. Sometimes we go 2″ on our steaks, but never go 1″. There just isn’t enough there to get that nice pink center. I’m glad these were only 1.5″, because these steaks are literally the size of a dinner plate.

Recipe? What recipe?

Not much for seasoning goes on these bad boys, just season salt and some pepper. Once he’s got them ready he starts the grill on a high setting to get it hot and then turns it down to medium to cook. He uses a grill grid that he covers with foil to put the meat on. Between the two steaks he drops a whole stuck of butter! 😳 I know what you are thinking… sometimes he uses two! Honestly though, this makes all the difference…. there is nothing better than butter! After the butter he cuts up an onion and throws it on top for some flavor. Then it’s just time to cook, and cook them slow. Slow cooking wins the flavor race!


Look at the bubbling butter!

It is important to turn the meat now and then to cook the meat evenly on both sides. After the first flip Jason adds more seasoning to the opposite side. Be careful, that butter is HOT!


Once the meat has been turned over a few times he checks it with his meat thermometer. At around 120 degrees it’s time to transfer it directly onto the grill for a few seconds. You can leave it in the butter longer if you prefer a more thoroughly cooked steak. We like ours med-rare. Once it’s on the grill it sizzles and gives it those beautiful char marks making it look pretty and it also adds a little taste!

Watch out! That butter likes to go up in flames sometimes so this process needs a bit of caution!


Could this look any better!?!?!


Oh yes! It could! Look at those beautiful grill marks! Yummy!!

Once Jason gets them off the grill and he lets them rest for a bit! Oh my goodness! They look and smell so good!


He could just eat steak and nothing else! I added a few side dishes, some veggies and salad, but the steak is all this man needs! Let’s be honest, is there really any room on his plate for anything else? Goodness gracious! I ate as much as I could, and believe it or not he ate his whole steak and half of mine!

I am so thankful for this man, the grilling master, and of course I am so happy we got to eat dinner together once this week! Eating together makes things taste even better!! ❤️

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