Backwards Baby at the Break of Dawn

Backwards Baby

Last Thursday we had a heifer go into labor in the middle of the night and by Friday morning before the sun was up we knew it was coming backwards. The feet were in the wrong position, but at least there were feet! A true breech is butt first and no feet, and that is rare birth to survive. ¬†Luckily we had everything we needed set up in the pasture so that we could assist with the delivery. “Esther 1511”, one of the prides of the ranch, was super easy to work with. We walked out to her and she simply followed us right into the corral. We got her in the headgate and pulled the big beautiful bull calf into the world. He was a bit bunched up and stiff but healthy.

Today, he is a few days old and up running and jumping around. He still has some stiff legs but they are coming around and soon you will never know. Esther, who is incredibly easy to work with and just a very kind animal is the daughter of Penny 1 who is the friendliest girl in the pasture. This bull calf seems as though he has inherited the family friendly gene. He follows us around in the pasture and today I found him outside the fence laying with the dogs. What a sweet boy.

We hope you will enjoy some of the pictures from Friday morning and also some I took from today!




This is what a real cowboy looks like at the break of dawn!




Playing in the woods with the ranch pups!


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